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Stop debugging in the dark.

Don’t wrestle with messy logs and spend time reproducing customer issues. With powerful session replay and monitoring, Highlight gives you the visibility you need.

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From small teams to high-growth unicorns, Highlight powers forward-looking companies.

Get started in minutes. Works with every framework.

Installing Highlight is a matter of selecting your frontend framework and adding three lines of code to your app. Highlight is built to be framework agnostic, so regardless of your stack, we have a solution that'll work for your team. You’ll be off to the races in a matter of minutes!

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Collaborate on issues. Keep everyone in the loop.

Highlight gives you the power to loop in folks all across your organization to help escalate issues as quickly as possible. Whether you're working with Customer Success, Engineering or Product, you'll have the flexibility to hand off problems to the appropriate people in seconds.

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Access dense developer tooling. Don't miss a detail.

With Highlight, beyond powerful playback of your app, you'll have access to error stack traces, the contents of the console and network tabs, as well as precise timing of every user interaction. Rather than jumping hoops to reproduce an issue, a Highlight session gives you all the information you need out of the box.

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Don't speculate. Learn from your users' interactions.

Highlight is built with powerful search in mind. Finding all of the user sessions related to a new feature rollout, or sessions that involve a specific property can be done in a matter of seconds. Product analytics can take you part of the way, but Highlight gives you the power to validate your product theories.

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Built for privacy and security.

Highlight is built with privacy and security at the forefront. From our privacy-forward API to our self-hosted deployment options, we pride ourselves in keeping your data safe and secure.

Use Highlight's redaction and privacy-first API.
Highlight supports data redaction, obfuscation, masking and much more. The library also supports a Strict Privacy Mode which obfuscates all text nodes for very strict PII rules.
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Deploy Highlight anywhere, on your own terms.
Deploy Highlight in a cloud provider of your choice. We support "one-click" deployments on a select set of cloud providers as well as a docker image for custom deployments.
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